Attempted Manuevers

What's Been Tried

Chi Nguyễn @whatchidid has confirmed in posts that these manuevers were attempted and thus far failed:

  • warm soapy water

  • hot water on outer bowl, cold water + ice on inner bowl

  • oil on edges

  • microwave

  • aggressive shaking

  • WD-40

  • hair dryer

  • freezer then running hot water

  • Freezer, then cold water

  • Freezer, then rubber mallet

  • Passive-aggressive comments to either/both bowls

  • Tap lightly onto the table

  • Cards, toothpicks, and straws not getting through to break the seal

  • Water submergence

  • Long game of gravity

  • Dishwasher

  • upside down, twisting inner bowl, tapping outer bowl

  • upside down, submerged under water, tapping outer bowl with mallet

  • hot out of the dishwasher

  • (googled autoclave)

  • upside down, soap around the edges, overnight submergence

  • self-deprecating joke about the sunk cost fallacy (not one chuckle)

  • thread, paper, knife around the edges