Suggested Manuevers

What's Been Suggested:

Pull It / Spin It

  • get some duct tape, no cheap stuff. Make 5 loops. Place them around the inner bowl finger width apart Place the outer bowl in a basin of water to prevent it fm dropping/ cracking Stick fingers to tape. Twist n turn while pulling up compressed air in between

  • latching suction cups; attach one to the inner bowl, heat the outer bowl, and pull upwards.

  • use hose of vacuum cleaner to pull on inner bowl

  • hot-glue handles on both bowls and pull. remove hot glue with denatured alcohol.

  • place in pillow case with edges facing away from you. spin around quickly to generate centrifugal force.

  • insert something between bowls (straw, paper, shim, icing spatula, automative feeler gauge blade, green onions, clear plastic reinforced with tape, thread, dental floss) then pull

Push It

  • professional-strength air compressor

  • similarly: tire/ball pump; canned air; syringe

Bop It

  • strike the bowl as you would a bell, measure its frequency, suspend inner bowl by suction cup and string, excite the bowls' molecules at resonant frequency

  • tap bowls on various surfaces/ with various objects

  • application of vibration (electric toothbrush, top of washer/dryer, massage wand, sub-woofer, bladeless reciprocating saw)

  • drop repeatedly onto firm but soft surface

  • roll edge of outer bowl back and forth on towel-covered surface (preferably with a cat watching)

Heat It/ Cool It /Oil It/ Wet It/Dry It

  • boil upside-down in pot of water

  • fill with soapy water, seal with plastic wrap, invert, boil upside-down in microwave

  • various iterations of hot outside/cold inside; freezing/boiling/steaming

  • in the oven, put bowls upside down lifted up on a few ramekins, with a bowl of water underneath. heat oven to maximum temperature, leave for 1-2 hours or until inner bowl drops.

  • desiccate/evaporate bowls' interiors (submerge in rice, silica gel pack such as comes in many shoe boxes, and/or low heat)

  • various oil/lubricants suggested (butter, wd-40, bacon fat, silicone lube, dish soap; flour/talc/baby powder)

  • autoclave/ kiln

(De)Pressure It

  • take bowls to higher elevation with lower atmospheric pressure

  • light candle, place bowls on top to create vacuum. may need to place on silicon mat or seal edges with wax.

Outsource It

  • call Auburn University's Foy Information Line at +1 (334) 844-4244

  • place where temperature/humidity vacilate, let nature do the work

  • find a vacuum chamber. place in there.

  • give to toddler with stern instructions not to separate.

Eff It

  • Break one bowl.

  • Break both bowls.

  • Put on shelf out of sight and get new bowls.

Metaphor It

  • Love is love. Respect their choice, let the bowls spoon.